Open Source Instruments, Inc.

130 Mount Auburn Street
Watertown, MA 02472
President: Kevan Hashemi
Treasurer: Jim Bensinger
Clerk: Mike Bradshaw
Operations Manager: Kirsten Hashemi
Electrical Engineer: Michael Collins

Active Products

Sub-Cutaneous Transmitter (SCT): Wireless telemetry devices for implantation in small animals. Available with in many versions: volume 0.6-6 ml, cut-off frequency 40-1240 Hz, operating life 5-500 days, 1-2 channels, lead thickness 0.5-0.7 mm, lead length 20-150 mm, and depth or surface electrodes.

Brandeis CCD Angle Monitor (BCAM): Survey cameras and point sources for monitoring deformations of large structures, 5-μrad precision, 50-μrad absolute calibration, designed for particle detectors and accelerator alignment. We manufacture all active varieties of BCAM as well stand-alone light sources and long cables.

Wire Position Sensor (WPS): Two-camera wire position sensor to monitor the shape of a long, straight wire, 1-μm precision, 5-μm absolute calibration, designed for linear accelerator alignment.

Animal Cage Camera (ACC): High-resolution video recording system that provides compressed video files synchronous to ±0.05 s with simultaneous SCT recordings. Also provides variable visible and infrared illumination.

Animal Location Tracker (ALT): When combined with blob tracking applied to ACC video recordings, the ALT uses SCT signals to resolve ambiguity in the identity of the blobs. This allows continuous monitoring of individual animals sharing the same cage.

Implantable Sensor with Lamp (ISL): Wireless fiber-coupled optical stimulator with integrated telemetry for implantation in small animals, designed for optogenetic research.

Company Details

Parts Numbers and Prices: Part numbers and prices of hardware we make.

Warranty: The warranties we provide for our products. For printable document file see here.

Testimonials: Customer testimonials.

Devices: Database of device serial numbers.

LWDAQ Manual: Long-Wire Data Acquisition Manual.

LWDAQ Software: Download page for LWDAQ software.

BNDHEP: Brandeis University High Energy Physics Electronics Shop, home of LWDAQ.

Major Completed Projects

HIE-ISOLD Alignment: An optical survey device for the HIE-ISOLDE accelerator at CERN.

Space Frame Monitor (SFM): A system of optical instruments to monitor deformations of the ALICE barrel support structure.

Geometric Monitoring System (GMS): A system of optical instruments to monitor deformations of the ALICE end-cap muon detector.