Open Source Instruments, Inc.

130 Mount Auburn Street
Watertown, MA 02472
President: Kevan Hashemi
Treasurer: Jim Bensinger
Clerk: Mike Bradshaw
Operations Manager: Kirsten Hashemi
Electrical Engineer: Michael Collins

Active Projects

Sub-Cutaneous Transmitter (SCT): Wireless telemetry devices for implantation in small animals.

Animal Location Tracker (ALT): Uses SCT signals to resolve ambiguity in video tracking of co-habiting animals.

Implantable Sensor with Lamp (ISL): Wireless optogenetics with integrated telemetry for implantation in small animals.

H-BCAM: An optical survey device for the HIE-ISOLDE Alignment System.

Wire Position Sensor (WPS): An kinematically-mounted, robust, optical wire position sensor designed to monitor movements of a long, stretched wire.


Parts and Prices: Part numbers and prices of hardware we make.

Warranty: Warranties covered and not covered by our products. For printable document file see here.

Testimonials: Customer testimonials.

Devices: Database of device serial numbers.

LWDAQ Manual: Long-Wire Data Acquisition Manual.

LWDAQ Software: Download page for LWDAQ software.

BNDHEP: Brandeis University High Energy Physics Electronics Shop, home of LWDAQ.

Completed Projects

Space Frame Monitor (SFM): A system of optical instruments to monitor deformations of the ALICE barrel support structure.

Geometric Monitoring System (GMS): A system of optical instruments to monitor deformations of the ALICE end-cap muon detector.