Faraday Enclosure Assembly Manual

© Alex Asen, Open Source Instruments Inc, 2009
© Kevan Hashemi, Open Source Instruments Inc, 2009

  1. Introduction
  2. Use Spreadsheet to Determine Materials and Cuts.
  3. Acquire Materials
  4. If you buy a materials kit from Open Source Instruments, it will include all the components of the enclosure, but not the clamps you need to hold the pieces together while they dry. Nor does the kit include the epoxy dispensing gun that holds the epoxy cartridge.

  5. Assemble the Top
  6. The corner pieces are borrowed from the lid and are there to help square the "top," but do not get epoxied in place. Add weights to insure everything is flush. The finished top flipped over after it has dried. Notice no corner pieces.

  7. Assemble the Lid.
  8. Use the top as a fixture. Use the bottom pieces as spacers Epoxy the lid together on top of the fixture.

  9. Add Corners to the Lid.
  10. The corner pieces are added.

  11. Assemble the Bottom.
  12. Connect the Bottom and Top with Side Pieces.
  13. All four sides are glued at once. Close up of one corner.

  14. Cut the Steel Mesh.
  15. Mesh unrolled on the table. Mesh with masking tape, ready to be cut.

  16. Tape the Steel Mesh in Place.
  17. Piece of tape in the corner to hold mesh in place. Mesh fully taped. Ignore the BNC hole while taping. Later use a razor blade to cut tape and mesh away from the hole.

  18. Tape Aluminum Sheets in Place.
  19. Install the BNC Feedthrough Connector.
  20. Attach Absorber to Lid
  21. Inspect