Introduction to OSI and DFPS

Presentation at the Astronomical Instrumentation Laboratory, TAMU


Kevan Hashemi
Open Source Instruments Inc.

The Company

Example Instrument: The BCAM

Figure: A Black H-BCAM.
  • The Boston CCD Angle Monitor (BCAM)
  • Sits on three-ball kinematic mount.
  • Provides one or two cameras.
  • Provides two or four light sources.
  • Cameras measure bearing of light sources.
  • Model as a pin-hole camera and point sources.
  • Seven calibration constants define each camera.
  • Calibrate cameras and sources in a roll cage.
  • Installed thousands of these in the ATLAS detector.
  • Installed hundreds more in other detectors.
  • BCAM User Manual is here.

Data Acquisition Hardware: The LWDAQ

Direct Fiber Positioning

Figure: A Direct Fiber Positioner.
  • No moving parts other than bending actuator.
  • Positioners can be packed on a 5-mm grid.
  • Can cover 3.8-mm square with fiber tip.
  • Must pack control electronics in 5-mm square.
  • Permits construction of Stage 5 Spectrograph.

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