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How to show all TIDs in Neuroarchiver?

Posted: Tue May 30, 2023 8:05 am
by Kevan Hashemi
A customer asks, "When we record from many transmitters at the same time, how can I see the transmitter IDs that are running? If I load an NDF, and click overview, there is a limited space where it shows only some of the IDs and not all!"

Dear Customer,

To see activity for all channels, press the "Panel" button next to the activity string. The "Activity Panel" will open up, showing all active channels, all recently-active channels, reception from each channel, and the sample rate the Neuroplayer has assumed for each channel. See link below for a screen shot and details:

If you don't have an activity panel button in your Neuroplayer, we invite you to upgrade to Neuroplayer 165, which comes with LWDAQ 10.5.5 at the link below.

Best Wishes, Kevan