turnkey system setup

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turnkey system setup

Postby Luiz » Fri Jun 16, 2023 10:28 am

Dear Kevan. Thank you for implementing the turnkey system in our new facility. We would love to have the same system working here at ION/UCL. This function will help staff and users here to easily restart the system without the need of any special training. We have been having issues with unexpected windows updates that restart the computer causing lost of data. Thank you in advance.

Kevan Hashemi
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Re: turnkey system setup

Postby Kevan Hashemi » Fri Jun 16, 2023 12:18 pm

Dear Luiz,

I just updated the Startup Manager documentation to include a description of how to set up the a turnkey system on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. By "turnkey system" I mean "double-click on an icon and the entire telemetry system starts up with as many Neurorecorders and Neuroplayers as you like." The Startup Manger manual is at the link below:


The manual tells you how to configure the Startup Manager with the help of a Startup Script. We give some example startup scripts. The manual links to a video tutorial, so you can watch how it's done in real time. The Turnkey System section describes how to get the double-click startup working. Please start by looking at the manual, and when you get stuck, post me another question.

Best Wishes, Kevan
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