Troubleshooting LWDAQ

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Troubleshooting LWDAQ

Postby Kevan Hashemi » Mon Dec 11, 2023 2:44 pm

A customer writes,

"I have come across an issue with our recording system. The OCD does not receive channel signals (I have tested whether the transmitters were for sure on our other set- up). I believe that the issue is with the LWDAQ driver. The PC does recognise the device (the IP address is correct and the neuroarchiver is able to generate a new file for recording) but the connection between the LWDAQ and the d link shows an orange light for the according socket. I exchanged the LAN cable and also used different sockets in the d link to no avail. We have the same set-up in another room which I also assembled. Do you have an idea on how I could resolve this issue or might we require a new LWDAQ driver?"
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Re: Troubleshooting LWDAQ

Postby Nathan Sayer » Mon Dec 11, 2023 4:52 pm

Some questions about your setup:

By "OCD" are you referring to the ODR (Octal Data Receiver)?

When you say the PC doesn't recognize "the device" are you referring to the LWDAQ driver? If so, I recommend attempting to communicate with it via the Configurator tool in LWDAQ. Use a network cable to connect the computer directly into the same ethernet switch (d-link) that the driver is using. Then, use the configurator tool to contact a device with IP address Assuming the driver is the only one connected to the switch with that IP address, you should get a response with the device's hardware ID and other info. If you aren't sure what the IP address of your driver is, you can reset it to the default (which is by following the process detailed here: ... nfigurator .

If you still cannot communicate with the driver, it is most likely the driver at fault or the settings of the computer. The instructions on how to configure your computer to communicate with a LWDAQ driver are also located in the link above.


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