Errors: 'Corrupted data. Resetting data reciever.' and 'Bad payload legth'.

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Errors: 'Corrupted data. Resetting data reciever.' and 'Bad payload legth'.

Postby nathanaeloneill » Mon Feb 26, 2024 10:36 am

Hi Kevan,

We have SCT/ODR/Driver setup in the following manner:
1x laptop is connected to 1x network switch. To this switch is connected 2 LWDAQ drivers, and each driver is connected to an ODR. The IP addresses of the two LWDAQ drivers are and

This set-up has run for many months without issue. However, we are now getting some persistent error messages. Errors occur more on the LWDAQ driver and are as follows:

ERROR: Corrupted data. Resetting data receiver.
ERROR: Bad payload length "0", try "16" instead. Resetting data receiver.

Do you have an idea of the probable cause of these two errors?
I compared the configured settings of this system with a system that is currently working well. The only difference I could see is that on the system that is working without error, messages_per_clock is 1. On the system with errors there are 5 messages_per_clock.

What does 'messages_per_clock' correspond to? Do you think this could be a/the cause of the error?

Many thanks


Kevan Hashemi
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Re: Errors: 'Corrupted data. Resetting data reciever.' and 'Bad payload legth'.

Postby Kevan Hashemi » Fri Mar 15, 2024 4:10 pm

Dear Nat,

Apologies for delay in answering your post. Not sure how we missed it.

This corrupted data error and the wrong payload error both arise from loss of TCPIP packets coming from the LWDAQ Driver. We see loss of TCPIP packets when our data acquisition (DAQ) computer starts using the wireless network to contact our telemetry server (any of LWDAQ Driver, Animal Location Tracker, or Telemetry Control Box). We see these errors when our DAQ computer uses the wireless network to contact some external server, such as a time synchronization service, and then forgets to switch back to the wired network when trying to contact the telemetry server.

The "bad payload length" is an old error message. The latest LWDAQ handles these corruption errors more effectively and provides better error messages. If you can update both machines to LWDAQ 10.6.7, which we just pushed today, that would be great.

Is your DAQ computer's wireless network active? Do you have two wired networks attached to your computer?

Best Wishes, Kevan
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