Geometric Monitoring System

Production Readiness Review: Description of the ALICE muon system's geometric monitoring system for the CERN production readiness review.

Design Review: OSI's review of the GMS design.

Dual Chamber Sensor Layout: Schematic of optical sensor arrangement on two adjacent muon drift tube chambers.

Data Acquisition System: Schematic of alignment system readout, analysis, and data storage.

Hardware Specification: Performance specification for the parts that will be provided by OSI to the ALICE collaboration.

Bi-Directional Laser Sources: Manual describing A2050C quad laser source designed for GMS.

BCAM Calibration: How to use a granite beam and a steel straight edge to calibration BCAMs.

Proximity Sensors Photograph of assembled proximity station.

Diagonal Lines Photograph of installed dual-chamber optical lines.

BCAM Calibration Database: Calibration measurements of BCAM cameras and sources. For use with the Apparatus Database and the BCAM Calculator Tool you will find in the LWDAQ Software.

BCAM Apparatus Database: Roll-cage, roll-block, and source plate measurements for the BCAM calibration apparatus. For use with the BCAM Calculator and the BCAM Calibrator Tools of the LWDAQ Software.