Catalog of Setup Instructions

ALT+ACC+FE3A: Installation of Animal Location Tracker (ALT), Animal Cage Camera (ACC), and Faraday Enclosure (FE3A).

Telemetry Hardware: Installation of Telemetry Control Box (TCB), Animal Location Tracker (ALT), and Octal Data Receiver (ODR).

LWDAQ Hardware: Installation of Long-Wire Data Acquisition (LWDAQ) hardware, traditional driver with root sockets and power supply monitors.

LWDAQ Software: Installation of Long-Wire Data Acquisition (LWDAQ) software, for any type of driver.

FE3A+FE5A: Assembly of Faraday enclosures after unpacking.

ACC: Installation of Animal Cage Camera (ACC).

Event Classifier: How to start building an event library for use in the Neuroplayer's Event Classifier.