Wire Position Sensor

Warning: Always use a torque wrench to tighten the WPS mounting screw. Do not exceed a torque of 0.17 Nm (24 ounce-inches) or you will damage the kinematic mounting surfaces and so ruin the absolute calibration of the instrument.

The Wire Position Sensor (WPS2-B) provices 5-μm rms absolute accuracy in measuring the location of a stretched, conducting wire within a 12 mm × 8 mm field of view. For the wire, we recommend a braided line made of Dyneema or Vectran fiber, coated with black carbon.

Figure: Wire Position Sensor (WPS2B)

WPS2 Manual: Description of the Wire Position Sensor, Version Two.

Calibration Constants: Database of calibration constants.

WPS1 Performance: Performance of the Wire Position Sensor, Version One.

WPS0 Proposal: Technical Proposal, based upon experience with Wire Position Sensor Version Zero.

Calibration Procedure: Description of the WPS calibration procedure.

WPS Head (A2051W): Electronics for the WPS1.

WPS Head (A3022): Electronics for the WPS2.

CLIC Alignment: Description of the alignment problem that motivates our WPS design.

WPS1 Overview: Talk given by Friedrich Lackner of CERN at the CLIC Alignment Workshop, 03-APR-09.