Implantable Inertial Sensor

[16-DEC-20] The Implantable Inertial Sensor (IIS) is a magnetically-activated, wireless accelerometer and gyroscope encapsulated in epoxy and silicone so that it may be either implanted subcutaneously in a rodent or attached extracutaneously to a fish. Development of the IIS is being funded by the NSF and carried out in collaboration with the Tytell Laboratory of Tufts University.

Technical Proposal for Implantable Inertial Sensor: Introduction to the device and presentation of original conceptual design.

Implantable Inertial Sensor (A3035): Magnetically activated, re-chargeable, motion sensor for fish.

Open-Source Reconfigurable Eight-Bit (OSR8) Processor: The eight-bit processor we embed into the IIS logic chip to run the sensors and transmission.