Open Source Instruments, Inc.

135 Beaver Street, Suite 207
Waltham, MA 02452, USA
President: Kevan Hashemi
Treasurer: Kirsten Hashemi

Active Products

Sub-Cutaneous Transmitter (SCT): Telemetry devices for implantation in small animals. Available with in many versions: volume 0.6-6 ml, cut-off frequency 40-1240 Hz, operating life 5-500 days, 1-2 channels, lead thickness 0.5-0.7 mm, lead length 20-260 mm, and depth or surface electrodes.

Brandeis CCD Angle Monitor (BCAM): Survey cameras and point sources for monitoring deformations of large structures, 5-μrad precision, 50-μrad absolute calibration, designed for particle detectors and accelerator alignment. We manufacture all active varieties of BCAM as well stand-alone light sources and long cables.

Wire Position Sensor (WPS): Two-camera wire position sensor to monitor the shape of a long, straight wire, 1-μm precision, 5-μm absolute accuracy, designed for linear accelerator alignment.

Animal Cage Camera (ACC): High-resolution camera that provides compressed video synchronous with our SCT recordings to ±0.05 s. Also provides variable-intensity visible and infrared illumination. Does not interfere with our SCT telemetry.

Telemetry-Compatible Webcam (TCW): Webcam that provides compressed video and infrared illumination without interfering with our SCT telemetry. Synchronization to ±60 s.

Animal Location Tracker (ALT): A combined receiver and location tracker in the form of a platform we place beneath a cage full of animals with implanted SCTs.

Implantable Inertial Sensor (IIS): An implantable accelerometer and gyroscope for recording the dynamics of fish swimming or rodents running.

Developing Products

Direct Fiber Positioning System (DFPS): A telescope-mounting fiber positioner for astronomical spectrography. Piezeo-electric tubes packed on a five-millimeter grid place the tips of optical fibers on the images of distant galaxies, while spectrometers at the other end of the fibers measure the galaxys' red shift. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant 2111936.

Contactless Position Measurement System (CPMS): An optical system for measuring the position and orientation of highly-reflecting metallic objects in string assembly projects, such as the assembly of super-conducting radio-frequency cavities for particle accelerators. Funded by the Department of Energy (DoE) grant 13557088.

Head-Mounting Transmitter (HMT): A biopotential sensor that mounts on the head of a small animal by means of a miniature connector, compatible with our subcutaneous transmitter (SCT) system.

Telemetry Control Box (TCB): A telemetry receiver, activity monitor and command transmitter with a single Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection.

The Gaming Club at CSB and SJU

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Implantable Stimulator-Transponder (IST): An implantable stimulator designed for long-term experiments requiring intermittent, short-duration stimulation. Provides pulsed, variable-current electrical stimulation with a bipolar electrode, or pulsed optical stimulation with one of our implantable lamps.

Implantable Light-Emitting Diode (ILED): A variety of implantable lamps for use with our Implantable Stimulator-Transponders (ISTs). We have red, green, and blue Surface-Mount Light-Emitting Diodes, and green and blue Fiber-Coupled Light Emitting Diodes.

Data Acquisition System

LWDAQ User Manual: User manual for our general-purpose, open-source, data-acquisition hardware and software.

LWDAQ Software: Home page of the data acquisition software, including download folder.

Setup Instructions: Videos, photographs, and written instructions for setting up OSI data acquisition systems.

LWDAQ Specification: Specification of the LWDAQ architecture, drivers, multiplexers, and devices.

BNDHEP: Home of the BCAM and LWDAQ.

Company Details

Part Numbers and Prices: Part numbers and prices of OSI hardware.

Electronic Assemblies: List of electronic assemblies designed and built at OSI.

Warranty: The warranty we provide for our products. For PDF see here.

Testimonials: Customer testimonials.

Devices: Database of device serial numbers.