Open Source Instruments, Inc.

130 Mount Auburn Street
Watertown, MA 02472
President: Kevan Hashemi
Treasurer: Jim Bensinger
Clerk: Mike Bradshaw
Operations Manager: Kirsten Hashemi
Electrical Engineer: Jordan Kaufman

Active Products

Sub-Cutaneous Transmitter (SCT): Telemetry devices for implantation in small animals. Available with in many versions: volume 0.6-6 ml, cut-off frequency 40-1240 Hz, operating life 5-500 days, 1-2 channels, lead thickness 0.5-0.7 mm, lead length 20-150 mm, and depth or surface electrodes.

Brandeis CCD Angle Monitor (BCAM): Survey cameras and point sources for monitoring deformations of large structures, 5-μrad precision, 50-μrad absolute calibration, designed for particle detectors and accelerator alignment. We manufacture all active varieties of BCAM as well stand-alone light sources and long cables.

Wire Position Sensor (WPS): Two-camera wire position sensor to monitor the shape of a long, straight wire, 1-μm precision, 5-μm absolute accuracy, designed for linear accelerator alignment.

Animal Cage Camera (ACC): High-resolution camera that provides compressed video synchronous with our SCT recordings to ±0.05 s. Also provides variable-intensity visible and infrared illumination.

Animal Location Tracker (ALT): A combined receiver and location tracker in the form of a platform we place beneath a cage full of animals with implanted SCTs.

Developing Products

Implantable Stimulators and Lamps: A suite of implantable devices that provide wireless stimulation in mice and rats. These include the Implantable Stimulator-Transponder (IST), the Implantable Stimulator-Sensor (ISS), Surface-Mount Light-Emitting Diodes (SMLEDs), and Fiber-Coupled Light Emitting Diodes (FCLEDs).

Implantable Inertial Sensor (IIS): A wireless accelerometer and gyroscope for use with fish, rats, or mice.

Head-Mounting Transmitter (HST): Telemetry device that mounts on the head of a small animal by means of a miniature connector, compatible with our subcutaneous transmitter receivers.

Data Acquisition System

Setup Instructions: Videos, photographs, and written instructions for setting up OSI data acquisition systems.

LWDAQ User Manual: User manual for our general-purpose, open-source, data-acquisition hardware and software.

LWDAQ Software: Home page of the data acquisition software, including download folder.

LWDAQ Specification: Specification of the LWDAQ architecture, drivers, multiplexers, and devices.

BNDHEP: Home of the BCAM and LWDAQ.

Company Details

Part Numbers and Prices: Part numbers and prices of OSI hardware.

Electronic Assemblies: List of electronic assemblies designed and built at OSI.

Warranty: The warranty we provide for our products. For PDF see here.

Testimonials: Customer testimonials.

Devices: Database of device serial numbers.