Electronic Assemblies

For 2000-Series assemblies, see BNDHEP Electronics page. The 3000-Series assemblies below adesigns by Open Source Instruments. See our Tools Directory for component libraries and programmers. See our Data Library for data sheets of components used in our assemblies.

A3001: Subcutaneous Transmitter Test Board A3002: Transmitter with On-Off Switch A3003: Lost Circuit
A3004: Transmitter with Logic Chip A3005: Receiver A3006: Subcutaneous Transmitter
A3007: Data Recorder A3008: Radio Frequency Spectrometer A3009: Subcutaneous Transmitter
A3010: Data Receiver A3011: SCT Programmer A3012: Lost Circuit
A3013: Subcutaneous Transmitter A3014: Radio Frequency Tester A3015: Loop Antenna
A3016: Radio Frequency Combo A3017: Demodulating Receiver A3018: Data Receiver
A3019: Subcutaneous Transmitter A3020: Test Transmitter A3021: Antenna Combiner
A3022: Wire Position Sensor Head A3023: Command Transmitter-Receiver A3024: Implantable Lamp
A3025: BCAM Head A3026: BCAM Side Head A3027: Octal Data Receiver
A3028: Subcutaneous Transmitter A3029: Command Transmitter A3030: Implantable Sensor with Lamp
A3031: Function Generator A3032: Animal Location Tracker A3033: Battery Charger
A3034: Animal Cage Camera A3035: Implantable Inertial Sensor A3036: Implantable Stimulator-Transponder
A3037: Implantable Stimulator-Sensor A3038: Animal Location Tracker A3039: Canopy Feedthrough
A3040: Head-Mounting Transmitter A3041: Implantable Stimulator-Transponder A3042: Telemetry Control Box
A3043: DFPS Base and Service Board A3044: DFPS Auxiliary Circuits A3045: DFPS Fiber Controller
A3046: CPMS Infrared Backlight A3047: Four-Channel SCT A3048: One-Channel SCT
A3049: Two-Channel SCT A3050: Function Generator A3051: Blood Pressor Monitor